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Town plan expansion, urban capacity and utilisation of available space in Athens, 1984-2004

File Downloads: 504

Issue : Issue 12

The paper presents a survey of the size and geographical distribution of the supply of new planned urban space in the wider Athens region during 1984-2004 with the aim of estimating its impact on...

Spatial planning policies, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development of greek cities

File Downloads: 278

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 1


File Downloads: 259

Issue : Issue 27

A critical urban planning issue in Greek cites of intermediate population size, is the value of Building Rate (FSI). Using the city of Alexandroupolis as a case study, the analysis of FSI for each...

Spatial and Developmental Planning in Greece. Interplay issues.

File Downloads: 226

Issue : Issue 31

The insufficient interplay that governs, over time, the role and the relationship among Spatial and Developmental Planning policies in Greece is a common finding. This is because Spatial and...

Discussing Renewable Energy Policy in Greece

File Downloads: 225

Issue : Issue 26

Since Renewable Energy Sources (RES) have been seen as a sustainable solution to the environmental problems and many countries have formed National Action Plans (NAP) targeting increased RES...

Α new approach to spatial planning in Greece

File Downloads: 221

Issue : Issue 26

The aim of the article is to highlight the problems facing the spatial planning and to propose guidelines for the preparation of a modern spatial planning policy.

The Present and Future of the Greek Urban Land-scape

File Downloads: 220

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 1

This paper is concerned with the evolution of urban forms and landscapes; it investigates the specific characteristics of the Greek cities and the parameters having a critical impact on their...

The Historic Urban Refugee Settlements in Xanthi: Urban Development and Assessment of the Possibilities for the Protection of Existing Buildings.

File Downloads: 215

Issue : Issue 30

This study examines two urban refugee settlements that were created in the city of Xanthi, after the end of the Asia Minor Campaign (1919-1922), to house part of the displaced population coming...

Spatial planning theories, principles and paradigms for tourism activtiy: the Greek experiance and practice

File Downloads: 214

Issue : Issue 26

Tourism is a mutli-dimensional phenomenon that has been approached from a range of sciences. However, this paper focuses on the spatial dimension of tourism, by examining theoretical aspects of...

Marine Spatial Planning and Sea Uses: Conceptual and theoretical approaches

File Downloads: 213

Issue : Issue 23

Marine Spatial Planning-MSP is an emerging procedure, aiming to confront continuous decline of oceans and seas, as well as to deal with constantly growing user-user and user-environment conflicts,...

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