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Issue : Issue 26

The term ‘‘Environmental Administration” involves the totality of state authorities, services and agencies, the tasks and the powers of which are directly linked to the protection and...

An Integrated framework for Maritime Spatial Planning

Issue : Issue 23

The Directive 2014/89/EU of the European Parliament and Council for "establishing a framework for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP)", should be adopted into our national law system within two years...

Water management as a key component in urban planning for the cities of the future

Issue : Issue 22

The article focuses on the need for integration of urban water management in urban planning, in the context of sustainability for the cities of the future. Firstly, we present the challenges that...

Institutional Reform as a Prerequisite for the Exploitation of Public Real Estate Assets

Issue : Issue 20

The aim of the paper is to present, discuss and analyse the main obstacles that the interested foreign or local investors face when trying to reach the Greek real estate market. Since 2011, the...

The declaration of Stymphalia and the landscape policy deficit in Greece

Issue : Issue 19

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Spatial structure and resource allocation in the PSO coastal shipping network in the Aegean sea

Issue : Issue 18

The structure and financing of Public Service Obligations (PSOs) in coastal shipping are of crucial significance for the territorial cohesion and socio-economic development of geographically...

An indicative structure for geographical information science masters degrees

Issue : Issue 14

This is an effort to identify an indicative structure for masters degrees that focus predominantly on geographical information science without a secondary specialization in some other domain....

Environmental and Energy Impacts of Transport: International and Greek Experiences and Management Policies

Issue : Issue 12

This article presents policy issues through current international and Greek experiences to address the external cost associated with the use of transport infrastructure, mainly with regard to the...

Assessment of Regional Innovation Pole in Thessaly, 2006-2008

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 2

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Spatial planning policies, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development of greek cities

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 1

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