Articles submitted by "Beriatos Elias"

University of Thessaly, PRD, Volos, Greece

Spatial Development and Planning, Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Area Management

Issue : Issue 23

Τhe contemporary concerns on appropriate policies for managing the seas and maritime space bring at the forefront key questions and challenges as to the most appropriate relevant approaches and...

The declaration of Stymphalia and the landscape policy deficit in Greece

Issue : Issue 19

There is no abstract available

Deladetsimas P-M. (2009), Safe Cities, Athens: Ed. Exantas

Issue : Issue 13

Βοοκ review (in Greek)

The power of built heritage and innovative design in the emerging "globalized" urban landscapes: the case of Athens

Issue : Volume 2 - Issue 2

This paper deals with urban landscape transformations in the era of globalisation. First, it attempts to describe and understand how built heritage and innovative design of space have become...

Managing architectural heritage: The evolution of policies in Europe and new challenges for Greece

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 1

Planning and management of protected areas in Greece: institutional developments, problems and perspectives

Issue : Volume 2 - Issue 1

In Greece, nature protection as an integrated and cohesive policy has a relatively recent his tory. The last five years, many efforts have been made to formulate such a policy in order to achieve...

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