Articles submitted by "Gospodini Aspa"

University of Thessaly, PRD, Volos, Greece

The power of built heritage and innovative design in the emerging "globalized" urban landscapes: the case of Athens

Issue : Volume 2 - Issue 2

This paper deals with urban landscape transformations in the era of globalisation. First, it attempts to describe and understand how built heritage and innovative design of space have become...

The Landscapes of Cultural and Leisure Economies in Greek Cities

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 1

The paper is concerned with cultural economies in the post-industrial city and examines the phenomenon of cultural and leisure clusters in Greek cities. In the first part, the paper discusses the...

Spatial planning policies, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development of greek cities

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 1

Managing architectural heritage: The evolution of policies in Europe and new challenges for Greece

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 1

Introduction - The Post-Industrial City:New Economies, Spatial Transformations and New Landscapes

Issue : Volume 6 - Issue 1

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Spatial Policies for Sustainable Development of small greek cities

Issue : Volume 4 - Issue 1

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