Occupied Public Real Estate Property. Geographical Representation and Disposal Rules

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The basic problem of Public Real Estate Property (PREP), is its unauthorized encroachment. In order to solve this problem an evolving legislative frame work was applied diachronically, which aimed, with similar assumptions, to the disposal of the occupied PREP by the unauthorized trespassers. Nevertheless this problem has not be solved until today in spite of many and recurrent attempts. Today the composition of Hellenic Cadastre poses a maximum limita tive time frame for the protection of the familiar PREP and of the PREP gradu ally revealing. The present research paper was made so that the problem of the occupied PREP excusably to be solved permanently. At first in this paper useful conclusions are drawn from the analysis of the existing legal framework of PREP disposal. In addition quantitative data and geographical representation of the occupied PREP are presented, so that we know at a prefecture level the number, the size, the area and the position of the PREP which will be disposed. Furthermore disposal rules of occupied PREP are presented, that include assumptions, rules, criteria and procedures, in order to assure the effectiveness of the measures and to create the possibility of as much as more accurate estimate of the expected revenues with high certainty.

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