Geographies of Growth and Integration in Europe: οld and new challenges for regional policy

Συγγραφέας άρθρου:

Πετράκος Γιώργος

Τύπος Άρθρου :


Καταχωρήθηκε με λέξεις κλειδιά :

Ευρωπαική ολοκλήρωση

Περιφερειακές ανισότητες

Τεύχος :

Αειχώρος 31

This paper examines the evolution of theoretical and empirical knowledge related to spatial inequalities and unbalanced growth, discussing the rise and decline of schools of thought and the conditions behind policy (in)effectiveness. The drivers of spatial selectivity, the persistency of underperforming regions, their integration experience and the rise of a geography of discontent are discussed in relation with the old and new challenges for regional policy.

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